Astera Hyperion Tube Set

Kit Includes:
-4pcs Hyperion tube
-1pcs case for 4 tube and accessories
-4pcs Wing plates w. spigot
-8pcs Astera holder / clamp w. pins
-8pcs o-ring for hanging
-1pcs power station
-1pcs schuko to powercon cable
Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Mint, Amber
Total LED power: 144W
Maximum power draw: 92W
Beam Angle: 120˚
Pixels: 32
IP Rating: IP65
Operating Temperature: 0-40 ˚C | 32-104 ˚F
Weight: 2.90kg | 6.39Lbs
Dimensions: Ø42 x 2031mm | Ø1.

180,25  per day

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