Generator Van 60kVA 1, B-license XVU-240 (20€/h+0,5€/km)

20€/h running hour expense
0,5€/km fee + fuel consumption
Includes trailer hitch rated for 2000kg.
Korin sisämitat:
Pituus: 5,20m
Leveys: 2,02m
Korkeus: 1,81m
3 x 16A/1-phase Schuko
1 x 32a/3-phase
1 x 63a/3-phase
1x 125a/3-phase
1 x 125a/1-phase
Beware of unbalanced load! It is recommended to use for example heaters in the other two phases to balance the load.
Includes anchor spike and cable for grounding the generator.

498,00  per day

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