Valofirma – The Light House is an independent company founded by three professional gaffers. Together with Kamerafirma – The Camera House, we are a growing team of top-of-the-line experts and open-minded developers of the film industry.

We are the artisans of modern technology and the creators of moving images; we are the masters, the journeymen and the apprentices. We have thousands of productions under our belts – but from experience we know there’s only one direction to look to: the future.

Our extensive and well-established network keeps our fingers on the pulse of the industry at all times. And because of our international contacts, we are the first ones to hear about new products – and happy to share that information with you.


From filmmakers to filmmakers

It is a matter of honor to us to keep our rental equipment in mint condition – and to be able to rent you the package you need, when you need it. We know how productions work, what they need and we keep up with the times, for example by developing our web rental system continuously.

As long-term professionals, we train our staff regularly and encourage them to use modern solutions. Moving pictures are our passion – and that is why we try to make our mark on the whole industry and its future.

Come and exchange ideas with us – even if you don’t exactly know what you need. We will listen to you, help you and guide you. To us, the main thing is that the end result is what you wished for – or even more.


Interested in working with us?

Send an open application to, where you tell us more about yourself, your skills and experience, and what kind of work you’re interested in. Please note that you may also apply for internships and work experience via an open application.



Ville Väänänen

Booking - Light, Grip, Studio, Vehicles

+358 10 323 8082

Ake Arminen

Booking - Light, Grip, Studio, Vehicles

+358 10 323 8083

Henry "Henkka" Wacklin

Gaffer, Booking - Light

+358 10 338 9884

Jari Kairamo

Booking - Light, Tampere Service Point

+358 10 338 9886

Marina Hytönen

Booking - Light, Grip, Studio, Vehicles

+358 10 318 0108

Juha Virtala

Booking - Light, Grip, Studio, Vehicles

+358 10 318 0105

Aki Huttunen

Booking - Camera

+358 10 318 0100

Maija Fors

Buukkaus - Kamera

+358 10 318 0100

Mirka Pimiä

Booking - Camera

+358 10 318 0100


Jarkko Liikanen

Camera Technician, Focus Puller

+358 10 318 0101

Jami Granström

Camera Technician, Focus Puller

+358 10 323 8085
Picture of woman with camera

Petra Kirvesniemi

Camera Technician

+358 10 323 8089

Daniel Klockenkemper

Camera Technician

+358 10 3180 104

Janne Saukkonen

Camera Technician

+358 10 318 0107

Janne Suopajärvi

Lens Technician

+358 40 514 6047

Timo Haapasaari

Gaffer, Lighting Programmer

+358 44 259 5034

Lumi Manninen

Lighting Technician (on parental leave)

+358 10 323 8080

Ninni Tapanainen

Lighting Technician

+358 10 323 8080

Anna Shemeikka

Lighting Technician

+358 10 323 8080
Picture of man with black hair working with rental equipment

Henry Hagert

Lighting Technician

+358 10 323 8080
elmeri virtanen picture

Elmeri Virtanen

Lighting Technician

+358 10 323 8080

Tazu Ovaska

Studios, Vehicles

+358 10 338 9885

Daniel Kelleher

Vehicles - Location/Studios

+358 10 318 0106

Eetu Kettunen

Warehouse Manager

+358 40 098 5666

Pietari Setälä

Development Team Leader

Jaakko Kukkonen (on parental leave)

System Support


Jani Lehtinen, F.S.C.

CEO, Gaffer

Oskari Hakala-Rahko

Rental Manager

+358 50 479 4800

Kimi Seppänen

Administration, Location Scout

+358 40 093 9495

Katri Koppanen

Account Manager

+358 10 323 8088

Erja Ehtamo

HR & Administrative coordinator

+358 45 329 9901

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