Professional film studio set of the Mad Cook Show.
Film studio set with a Fisher camera dolly mounted on circular track.

We have three studios on our premises in Roihupelto, Helsinki – located in the same building as the rental house. Your chosen equipment will be collected and delivered to the studio by our staff. You can get a car in to every studio.

Besides the studios, there are various support facilities at your disposal: make-up rooms, green rooms, a lounge, a kitchen and a sauna. When you make your studio booking, you can reserve the support facilities simultaneously.

Studio 1


Floorspace:         450 m² / 4850 sq. ft

Height:             6 m / 20 ft

Width:              24 m / 80 ft

Depth:              19 m / 62 ft

Door:               228 cm x 294 cm

Electricity:        2 x 125A 3-phase

Chroma Green        18 m x 6 m / 80 by 20 ft

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The support facilities include a make-up room and a green room which can be reserved when you rent the studio.

The make-up room is equipped with a hairwash chair, shelf space and three large mirrors with lights. The luminosity and the color temperature of the lights are adjustable.


Studio 2

Floorspace:         230 m² / 19,2 m x 10,7 m



Height:             6 m / 20 ft

Width:             9,5 m x 9,5 m / 31 ft by 31 ft

Depth:              9 m / 30 ft

Door:               228 cm x 294 cm


Chroma Green:

Height:             6 m / 20ft

Width:              9 m x 9 m / 30 ft by 30 ft

Depth:              11,5 m / 38 ft

Electricity:        1 x 125 A 3-phase

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Studio 2 has a white cyclorama and a green cyclorama at your disposal. We check the condition of the painted surfaces every time before the studio is rented out and if needed, repaint the surfaces. The studio has pre-rigged lighting equipment in the ceiling. The clients only pay for the lighting units they use.

Studio 3

Floorspace:         270 m² / 18 m x 13 m


Chroma Green:

Floor:              9 m x 11 m

Wall:               12 m x 12 m

Door:               238 cm x 300 cm

Electricity;        1 x 125A 3-phase

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Studio 3 has a Chroma Green cyclorama. The joint make-up and wardrobe facilities with Studio 2 plus the kitchen and the green room are on the second floor and can be reserved when you book the studio.

Aalto University is the primary user of Studio 3, but we also rent it to other customers. You can find more information about Studio 3 on the webpage of Aalto University.

Other facilities


There is a well-equipped kitchen in the second floor of the rental house, with two induction stoves, two ovens, two spacious fridges and a large selection of kitchen utensils and dishes at your disposal. The dining area can accommodate up to 60 people.

A lounge room rental space from The Light House with two big tables and a lot of sitting area.


What’s better than to have a sauna after a long day of shooting? To the best of our knowledge, we are the only rental house in the world with a private sauna. Our sauna is equipped with an “Always-Ready-To-Use”-stove, ready to be enjoyed 24/7.

A sauna rental space from film equipment rental company The Light House.