Valofirma’s corporate sustainability is strongly linked to our corporate values, which are sustainability, integrity, and development. Our values help us strive towards our vision of being the leading partner and trendsetter in the audio-visual (AV) industry in Northern Europe. Traditionally, sustainable development includes four dimensions: social, cultural, economic, and ecological. These aspects are the cornerstones of our operating culture and help us minimize the negative effects of our activities, and instead increase the positive. 



Our goal is to be an equal, just, and fair employer that considers the different life situations and goals of its employees. Our company strives to strengthen the individual skills of its employees, support professional development, and promote occupational safety practices while still being cognizant of psychosocial stress factors. We cherish equality and equal treatment, and we value every individual regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression, worldview, religion, health, age, or similar reasons. We also collaborate with educational institutions to provide guidance and lectures to students in the industry. 



We implement lessons learned from working with international companies into our company’s mission to develop the Finnish audio-visual industry and its working culture in a more professional direction. We support filmmakers and students, whenever possible, by awarding equipment rental awards. In addition, we have begun introducing gender-neutral expressions in the AV field, e.g., by replacing outdated titles with new, egalitarian terms. 



Valofirma is an independent business in which all the owners of the company work as employees. As a sustainable company, we take care to ensure our profitability, competitiveness, and the efficiency of our operations so that our company is practical in the long term. Our investment strategy is based on eco-friendliness, and we focus on energy-efficient and professionally advanced products. Our financial sustainability measures preserve jobs, increase social well-being, and increase tax revenues for society. 



We are committed to facilitating environmentally sustainable media production. We strive to better understand and manage our impact while implementing initiatives that enable us to make meaningful changes. Our headquarters and warehouse use 100 % renewable energy. Additionally, we have several electric car charging stations, nearly all of our vehicles are Euro 6 standard and only use Neste’s innovative MY diesel, and we offer extensive battery-powered generator options. Each quarter, our dedicated VF Green working group reviews the company’s sustainable development and improvement proposals. 


We want our respect for sustainability to be visible in every stage of our work and are happy to hear your ideas about any alternatives. Let’s work together to ensure responsible policies and procedures for the benefit of the environment – and us all. You are welcome to review a detailed copy of our sustainability plan by clicking here. 


Since 2023, Valofirma is an official albert supplier.


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