We respect nature and the people working around us. We want this respect to be visible in every stage of our work.

Film and television productions strain the environment – some more, others less. We have set goals to decrease our environmental impact and actively reduce the effects caused by our work. We are happy to hear your ideas about sustainable alternatives. Let’s work together to ensure responsible policies and procedures for the benefit of the environment – and us all.



Low-emission transport

The biggest environmental impact of the productions is caused by energy production and logistics. According to statistics, the transportation of goods creates 16% and the transportation of human resources creates no less than 24% of the pollution in film productions.

All but one of our trucks fulfill the criteria of low emission Euro-6 standards. The emissions of Euro 6-class vehicles can even be half of standard diesel vehicles.

We prefer and recommend the use of renewable domestic MY diesel. MY diesel™ is a Finnish innovation and the fuel is refined only from leftovers and industrial residues. Its greenhouse emissions are up to 90% less than traditional fossil fuels.

We concentrate on the logistic development of all our operations and encourage our customers to decrease their mileage by offering all the products and services from under the same roof.



We aim for responsibility in all of our equipment acquisitions. For instance, the VOLTstack® power stations on wheels can be used instead of small generators. They can also be charged with solar power. Our new shot maker ATV is battery-powered instead of gasoline-driven. We also invest in energy conscious LED-technology; the power consumption of LED lights in relation to their luminosity is superior.

Light from the Sun

We have 186 solar panels on the roof of our building, providing us sustainable energy to, for example, light our studios and charge batteries. The solar panels produce on average 40 000 watts of energy per year – which means avoiding 28,6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.


Social responsibility

Our goal is to develop the film industry also in the fields of endurance and the well-being of employees. We support non-discrimination, equality and safe working atmospheres. We encourage open discussion within our staff and with our customers and affiliates. SET (The Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland) chose Valofirma The Light House as the fairest employer of the industry in 2018.

In our opinion, the well-being of employees and a fair working culture are essential parts of the industry’s responsibilities. We want people to be well and feel like they are part of the crew. This is also a good way to generate the best suggestions and ideas, for instance to improve the everyday procedures on the set. We wish the same for the whole industry and support the filmmakers by rewarding them with our prizes  at various industry events throughout the year.