Linssipumpeli-award for Hannu Pyyhtiä

Hannu Pyyhtiä has won the Linssipumpeli-award for best cinematography at the Oulu Music Video Festival. The music video Jericho by artist Jesse Markin was shot by Pyyhtiä and directed by Kim Koponen. The award worth of 2 500 € of rental gear was donated by Valofirma The Light House and Kamerafirma The Camera House. Great job Hannu and Kimi!

The jury said that the shots have beautiful textures and that the video breathes. The DP has found interesting compositions and camera angles.

© 2019 Jesse Markin under exclusive license to VILD music oy.

Production Company: Pablo Films
Director: Kim Koponen
Concept: Jesse Markin
DP: Hannu Pyyhtiä
1st AC: Aaro Visala
Editor: Rasmus Purola
Production Manager: Sara Wilkman

Special thanks to Kamerafirma and Valofirma.

Cast: Asko Pajunen, Lauri Nevalainen, Mika Koponen, Sibiry Konaté, Ali Koné & Benjamin.