MAX Menace ja Mini Max

MAX Menace is a revolutionary arm that enables the easy rigging. MAX can be placed in a corner because the counterweights don’t need a tube – the weights are placed on top of the legs. With MAX, it’s easy to place the lights over set walls, to hang them from the balconies etc. The maximum weight limit is 34-80 kilograms, depending on the lenght of the arm. The weight plates and the weight transport cart are standard accessories.

MAX can be positioned flush against a wall, around a corner or into a corner.

The head of the MAX can be placed lower than the legs – so you can position your light for example, from the roof to a lower window level.

The arm can be placed horizontally against a roof in the height of 305 cm, so it’s easily kept out of the frame.

The maximum length of the arm is 533 cm, with the adapter – which is a standard accessory.

A self leveling head is at the end of arm, with a 16 mm spigot and a 28 mm socket.

Fast and easy setup and tear down.

The wheels enable easy movement on level surfaces, even at full extension.

Weight ratio 3:1. Use three times more weights than the load.








Mini MAX is a smaller version of MAX Menace. The arm works the same way as the big brother and allows you to hang a fixture with no pipes required for counterbalance. The legs can placed into a corner of flush to a wall. Mini MAX has three Rocky Mountain Legs.

The maximum support weight is 9 kilos, the maximum arc is 4,9 meters, the lowest is 90 centimeters below floor level. The lenght of the arm is 2,7 meters and the weight is 20 kilos.