Profoto demo day 17.11.2021

Welcome to Profoto demo day!

We will be showing lots of Profoto gear with also some rare pieces! The even will be held at Valofirma Studio 1.

During the afternoon Jonas Lundqvist will be having a lighting demo with Profoto flashes with themes such as lighting with modeling lights.


Meet & Greet

Meet pros from Profoto, Studiovarustamo and Valofirma. Come by to say hi also for all other photographers after a long break!



Worlds fastest flash. Simply. Pro-11 studio pack and Pro-head flash heads can be tested at and rented from Valofirma. Gear can be bought from Studiovarustamo.

 Profoto B10X.


Event higlights:

Newest Profoto lighting gear

Profoto representative Micke Johansson is at the event and available to answer all your questions.

Rare Profoto light modifiers on display!

Test and try gear by yourself

Mingle with other pros

Lighting demo by Jonas Lundqvist





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This event is held in co-operation with Profoto and Studiovarustamo