Taco Cart Kit

The Taco Cart Kit is a prebuilt Set Cart that has the essential tools for a gaffer. Take this package with you when you first walk on to set, and start working immediately. No need to run straight back to the truck to get that *effing C-stand! Create your gear list around the Taco Cart Kit and save time and money before, during and after the shoot.


Pre-made kit list on Web Rental-> Ordering made faster and easier

In-house logistics are easier for us -> You get a package discount price

We check and seal all kits when returned -> You save time on packing day

The Set Cart consept is widely used on film sets all around the world to make work more efficient.


The kit’s content list was made by our in-house gaffers and we are open to your feedback so we can make this package suit all needs and styles!


1 Taco Cart Magliner GE-07 incl. Basket, 4x Milk Crate
10 Schuko 3-way 10m Cable
2 Schuko White Cable  5m *Kaluste jatkojohto
1 C-Stand 20″ Studio  Kupo
2 C-Stand 20″
1 C-Stand 30″
4 Extension Grip Arm 20″
1 C-Stand 40″ with turtlebase  Arri/Avenger
2 C-Stand 40″
4 Extension Grip Arm 40″
3 24″x36″ Floppy flag
1 24″x60″  Cutter Floppy Flag
2 24″x36″  Frame
1 24″x36″  G/W Soft Reflector Kapa
1 24″x36″ S/W Hard Reflector Kapa
1 24″x36″ S/W Soft Reflector Kapa
1 24″x36″ Silk 1/1 Frame
1 24″x36″ Silk 1/2 Frame
1 24″x36″ Silk 1/4 Frame
2 Backlite Stand / * lattiastatiivi
8 Clamp *torimummo
2 Friction Arm
4 Gaffer Grip
6 Griphead Matthews
4 Jumbo Griphead Matthews
2 Spigot 16 mm w.double male thread 1/4″ and 3/8″
1 Spigot Adapter 28 mm  –  16 mm
2 Spigot, Long stud  –  16 mm
4 Super Clamp (Mafer Clamp)
4 Spigot, Snap-in for super clamp  –  16 mm
2 Twister Matthellini 2″ ( 5cm) End Jaw
2 Twister Matthellini 3″ (7,5 cm) Center Jaw
2 Twister Matthellini 6″ (15 cm) End Jaw
2 Vise Grip, BB Holder, Quacker Clamp
1 Pointgrip 24″ (60 cm)
4 The MQ Mount
16 Magnet for Astera Tube / Clamp
1 Ratchet Strap/Kuormaliina
5 Strap/ Pikaliina 1m
5 Strap/ Pikaliina 2m
5 Strap/ Pikaliina 3m
16 Tennisball
1 5-step Step Ladder KEVYT Taco Cart
1 Taco Cart Raincover