D10-BI LED Focus BI-Color Kit Dedolight

-DLED10-BI Light head bicolor
-DT10-BI Ballast bicolor and mains cable
-DPOW10 Cable to light head
-DPLS400 Light shield ring
-DBD400 8-leaf barn door
– 5 piece scrim set (DSCFS – Full scrim, single. Light reduction of 43 % (3/4 stop)
DSCFD – Full scrim, double. Light reduction of 55 % (~1.2 stops)
DSCS1/2 – Half scrim, single. Reduces light for approximately half angle of light output. 360 degree rotatable.
DSCD1/2 – Half scrim, double.
DSCG – Graduated scrim. Allows lighting with a gentle blend )

119,24  per day

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